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"Explore labyrinths, improve equipment and improve hero’s skills"
Reviewed by Daria

The Kingdom of Handaras is plunged into chaos. Unknown forces of evil seized the land and terrorize the population. The mad king, his missing son and the mysterious archbishop are parts of a puzzle that you will need to solve. You will go to the source of evil, the city of Tristram, in which life rests only on a handful of people. From the cathedral of this city, built on the ruins of an ancient monastery, supernatural sounds and flashes began to be heard. Perhaps the answer to all questions lies in the forgotten past ... Diablo offers you a journey into the world of dark Gothic fantasy. Play as a brave warrior, cunning thief or mysterious magician. In your adventure, you will have to explore the gloomy mazes, improve your equipment and constantly improve the skills of your hero.

Diablo will send you alone to fight against legions of enemies. Making your way through the dungeons filled with zombies, demons and other evil spirits, you have to get to the devil's cloister and deal with the lord of Hell.

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