"Back up, sync and share your data online"
Nov 8, 2019 by Julia

Upload your data to the cloud and sync it for anywhere-access from any web browser or Dropbox-compatible device. Dropbox is cross-platform and available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Download and install Dropbox

Before downloading Dropbox, create an account and get 2 GB of free space by default. When installed, Dropbox appears as an icon in the system tray. It doesn't have an interface, Dropbox just installs a folder where you copy and move data to automatically store it online. To access your Dropbox from another device, just log in with your username and password.

If you don't want to install the desktop software, upload, manage and download your files from your web browser. But it's much more convenient and faster to have a desktop client installed if you download the content from another PC.

Useful features

  • Save data on your computer and access it from your mobile phone on the go.
  • Easily share large video files with users who don't have a Dropbox account. So it's so simple to transfer huge wedding videos to your relatives.
  • Don't be afraid to lose important documents or photos, they are automatically backed up from your PC. Sync all folders or choose particular ones.
  • Collaborate on your projects with your colleagues - all the changes are automatically synced and you can keep track of changes and view deleted files at any time.
  • Green checkmarks appear on top of your files to show you that all the content is synced and updated.
  • All files are safe as they are transferred over SSL and AES-256 protected. 

Get more space on your Dropbox account

If 2 GB isn't enough, pay $9.99 per month to boost your space up to 2 TB. Alternatively, invite friends (50 MB per referral), finish the Getting Started guide (250 MB) or contibute to the Dropbox Community forum.

Customize the Preferences menu

Enable or disable LAN sync and desktop notifications, add or unlink a PC to your Dropbox account, customize the download and upload rate, change proxy settings, etc.

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82.4.155 (Oct 2, 2019)
Runs on:
Windows 10,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 7


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  • Get 2 GB of free space
  • Keep your files ecrypted
  • Get more storage without paying
  • Collaborate on projects with teammates
  • Share large files
  • Slow uploading of large files
  • You need stable internet connection to sync data
  • You can't pick another location, except a default one
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