Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

"Protect your computer against a variety of online threats"
Nov 27, 2019 by Lynch

When it comes to specialized, but comprehensive solutions for PC protection, one cannot help but remember the name Kaspersky. The reputation precedes the products, and for good reason.

Online Defender

The most appealing thing about Kaspersky Internet Security is its fully automated threat prevention. You just install it, and the program does the rest for you: scans, updates, detects, blocks, and removes all kinds of malware, spyware, trojans, viruses, bloatware or other leeches that a computer might catch when accessing the Internet. The option to check every webpage is rather nice, as well as download monitoring.

Drive Protection

But the security measures of KIS do not end at browsing and downloading stages. It also checks the files already present on your drives, controls the unpacking and installation of downloaded software, and generally keeps an eye on things like regular antivirus. Coupled with one of the largest virus databases around, this is a hefty bonus.

Additional Features

KIS is regularly updated and introduces additional online protection modules, such as network monitoring, camera and microphone checks, parental locks, etc. The most interesting of those is Safe Money - a tool for securing financial transactions in Internet shops and on payment platforms.


Despite a few shortcomings shared with alternatives like the AVS product line like being rather over-cautious and producing false positives when downloading and launching archives and executables, Kaspersky Internet Security is what it is supposed to be: thorough, easy to use, and reliable.

Safe & Secure:
100% clean
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20.0.14 (Oct 23, 2019)
Buy now:
$59.99/yr (Annual for a single device)
Runs on:
Windows 10,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 7
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  • Quick activation
  • Automated regular updating
  • Thorough process scanning
  • Customizable protection settings
  • Financial data protection
  • May conflict with other protection products
  • May prevent certain software installations or archive unpacking
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