"Grab, edit, and export images and videos of your screen activities"
Dec 6, 2019 by Jane

Need to take a screenshot, but the basic Windows tool is not enough? Take a look at one of the most popular screen capture tools for Windows and MacOS - SnagIt! It is a small but pretty useful tool that allows you to grab images and record videos of your screen activities. Besides video and image capturing capabilities, the software provides you with the options to record microphone as well as system audio.

The clean and attractive interface of Snagit displays multiple parameters that you can easily tweak. You can pick the selection mode from region, window, full screen, panoramic, and other options, choose from a wide range of effects, and enable previewing, copying to clipboard, cursor capturing, as well as time delay functions.

The selection tool that contains a magnifying glass for accurate measurements allows you to adjust the area you want to grab. Snagit comes with predefined presets, like panoramic scrolling capture and text grabbing that you can customize. Moreover, you can create your own presets and assign certain hotkeys to them.

Editing and export options

The built-in editor offers a wide range of tools to modify captured snapshots and recordings. The array of options includes multiple effects, the highlighter, magic wand, stamp and fill tools, watermarks, color replacement and adjustments, annotations, and other. After editing your images and video files you can export them as MS Word, Excel, or OneNote files, send to Camtasia, the Screencast website, Dropbox, Google Drive, or upload to an FTP server.

SnagIt vs. Rival tools

However, the editing options that SnagIt offers are still limited. If you need to combine videos and insert annotations and animated content into them, then you should try Camtasia. There are also free competitors of SnagIt, the most popular of which include Jing and Greenshot. Nonetheless, these programs have a narrower set of features: Jing provides very few image annotation and sharing options while Greenshot doesn’t have any video recording capability.

Overall, SnagIt is an awesome utility for creating tutorials or how-to guides, which is also perfectly suitable for everyday tasks like grabbing screenshots or creating animated GIF files.

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2019.1.3 (Jul 23, 2019)
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  • Creates GIF animations
  • Captures entire website pages
  • Comes with multiple borders and effects
  • A wide range of export options
  • Only one video format available
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