"Purchase, install, play, and update licensed games"
Nov 6, 2019 by Lynch

Steam is a platform for storing, playing, updating, and managing games and related materials.

Game Management

The main purpose of the standalone client is easy access to legally purchased games, VR simulations, music playlists, related software, etc. Users have the option to buy the product they want, pay for it by the accessible means, install, uninstall, patch, and modify the items they buy. Automated and manual updates will incorporate official patches, language settings will let you switch to a localized version, if available. You can access an uninstalled game on Steam at any time and reinstall it, regaining access to all saves and upgrades.

Additional Materials

Aside from patches and bug fixes, Steam offers side attractions in the form of official mod workshops where users can upload and install ehnancements, fan projects, and similar materials customizing or overhauling the original. Additionally, official downloadable content from the developers is always available for purchase or free access. There's a choice whether to enable or disable specific elements. Special achievements are added to the games to show off your skills.This is especially relevant to popular service and competition games like PUBG and other battle royales.

Community and Media

One of the most important and entertaining aspects of Steam is the access to social forums inhabited by registered users sharing experiences with games, providing solutions, asking for advice, etc. A special section of the interface is given to user reviews. Combined with the newsfed of online media articles related to the games you purchase, this will guarantee that you're always in on what's going on in the gaming industry.


Today, Steam replaces the entirety of the gaming media and social networking you previously needed and wanted.

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2.10.91 (Sep 19, 2019)
Runs on:
Windows 11,
Windows 10,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 7


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  • An extensive set of installation and launch settings
  • Access to official updates and patches
  • An ever-expanding library of games
  • Free giveaways
  • Workshop for community game projects
  • A mod workshop for certain games
  • Re-releases of classic games not available in retail
  • Community feedback
  • Social forums for troubleshooting and hints
  • Regular sales and discounts
  • Updates happen so often they may bother some users
  • The dark visual design is not easy on the eyes
  • The client often interferes with the game process in one way or another
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