Torch Browser

Torch Browser

"Browser for downloading torrents, music and playing free games"
Dec 2, 2019 by Daria

So many browsers around you, which one to choose? We wanted to try multifunctional software and chose Torch. Torch Browser is a Chromium-based browser for convenient web surfing on the Internet. It offers a quick content exchange on social networks, a torrent client, downloads audio and video files from YouTube.

Download torrents

The built-in Torch Torrent comes with additional functions that help you play files when they are downloaded, enable notifications when the torrent is ready for streaming or fully downloaded, stop the distribution at a certain percentage, set the download speed and the maximum number of connections, enter the maximum the number of active torrents and downloads, as well as configure port settings.

Download videos and audio

The function of downloading multimedia files allows you to download videos and extract audio streams, and the Torch Music service supplied with the browser allows you to watch videos on YouTube, create playlists and share clips on various social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

Set up a Facebook account and view locked videos

A specialized feature included in the package (Torch FaceLift) allows you to personalize your Facebook pages by changing colors, adjusting the background image and changing fonts. They are visible only to friends who use the Torch browser.

Play games

Torch Games offers a wide library of games that are free. You don't need to download them or sign in. Here, you can find any type of games, like Bubble Wheel, Cut the Rope, 2048 and many more.

User interface

Torch Browser is equipped with unique features and adds a few additional buttons to the optimal interface to simplify the exchange of links with friends, listen to your favorite tracks using Torch Music and save streaming files (audio and video). Moreover, you can adjust the display of the date and time, fix the bottom panel and adjust the background image from several proposed options or using your own image on the computer.


Torch Browser is worthy of your attention, because it combines the usual Chrome features with unique tools for downloading audio and video files, searching for music, downloading torrents and sharing data. However, it's not clear whether it's completely safe to use. Also, we should be careful about free version of the program because sometimes, it can include ads that really annoy.

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69.0.0 (Oct 15, 2019)
Runs on:
Windows 10,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 7


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#built-in player
#media grabber
#download torrents
#games library
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  • Download torrents
  • Play files during their download
  • Full compatibility with video services and extensions
  • Built-in function for downloading streaming videos and audio
  • The option to personalize Facebook pages for those who use Torch
  • Torch Music fails to find some songs
  • Works only with Facebook and Twitter
  • Only email support
  • There is no Mac version
  • A full installation file is offered at the bottom of the page
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