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Dec 2, 2019 by Daria

Viber for PC - what is it for? After all, isn't it easier to download the application to your smartphone, and that’s all - all the features of this messenger are literally at hand? Here are a few options when the PC version is more relevant. In fact, you will be surprised how many people prefer conventional button devices to smart phones. People who see poorly use Viber through a PC - it’s much easier to see what they wrote to you on a large monitor than to peer at the small icons on the smartphone’s display. In addition, installing Viber on a PC is justified if the program is used for business purposes. The reason, again, is to save time - all the necessary programs, including those for sending messages and documents, are collected in one place.

Main features

Viber for Windows allows free communication with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances not only through a mobile phone, but also on your PC. All you need is an Internet connection. To add the person you want to contact, just enter the person’s phone number in your mobile contacts. Viber instantly integrates contact into the program. You can communicate together and form interest groups, which can include up to 200 people. This is a great opportunity to keep abreast of events for classmates, classmates, colleagues, parents of children whose children go to the same kindergarten together, and other users. To spend your free time with benefit, you can view entertaining public accounts, pages of stars of show business or stores of popular brands. In Viber, communication will be much more interesting if you use the library of images, send bright themed stickers, record audio and video messages.

Automatic contact search

Viber itself finds people from your contact list in which it is installed. This facilitates communication, since you do not need to find out who has Viber, who does not, and also exchange usernames (like on Skype). Also, users who already have Viber installed or who install it after you, immediately see you in their contacts and can call and send messages to your Viber.

Hidden chats

Protecting privacy is not a synonym for protecting personal data from hackers in cyberspace, so the Viber team is constantly looking for new ways to expand control over communication channels. Many family members use the same tablet in which they conduct personal correspondence, and many employees communicate with friends during working hours and want to hide this fact from prying eyes. The new Hidden Chats feature allows users to hide individual chats from the main screen so that other users do not recognize the existence of private conversations.

Useful posts

By subscribing to the channels of public interest in Viber, you can receive various informational messages. For example, you can read news on topics of interest to you. In addition, if you have Viber installed, many online stores and delivery services will find you themselves and will send messages with the status of your purchase or parcel.

Save on calls

Viber allows you to exchange messages completely free. Also, it is better than calling another network via mobile communications, doing it through Viber, because almost everyone has it. It would seem that such an obvious thing many forget. In addition, Viber has the ability to call any telephone number, which will save money on long-distance or international calls - Viber Out. This service is not free, but much more profitable than the tariffs of the operator. One has only to throw a little money into the account.

Social Media Integration

Viber supports integration with Facebook and Twitter. These features are also available in the program settings. They allow you to link your Viber account with Facebook or Twitter.

Viber Lock

To do this, you can use the version of Viber installed on your computer through which you can send a support request. This is another reason to install the application on your PC, besides the fact that it is convenient to write messages through it and you can even call.


Viber is a multi-platform application and supports many operating systems. More than 500 million users have installed the Viber app on Android alone! But thanks to the support of all popular mobile platforms, you can use Viber on almost any smartphone or tablet. Plus, various operating systems for desktop computers and laptops are supported.

Mastering Viber for Windows may seem complicated and lengthy only at first glance. In fact, the application under consideration is simple and logical, and the process of using each of its functions can be effective even if the user acts on an intuitive level.

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11.8.0 (Oct 31, 2019)
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Windows 11,
Windows 10,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 7
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vibersetup.exe (142.3 MB)


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  • HD voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Text, photo and sticker messages
  • Full sync between your mobile and Windows. Transfer ongoing calls between devices
  • Delays occur during voice and video calls
  • Authorization without installing a mobile application is not possible
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