"Communicate with other users online via text, video, and audio"
Dec 20, 2019 by Lynch

When it comes to online communication, older means of calling each other or sending text messages have been getting too limited lately. That's why recent cloud-based solutions like Discord have been gaining prominence.

A gamer's tool

The original purpose of Discord is well-known - helping with mutiplayer voice ssessions in gaming to avoid using built-in chats, which tend to be difficult to set up and easy to fail. The program helps setting up and running a one-on-one call or a multi-user conference. Both quick messages and calls are available along with a plethora of options for expressing yourself, advising friends or streaming the game you're running.

A communications suite

But gaming has long become a mere origin of Discord's functionality. these days, it's become a host for entire online communities of people. It is now a replacement for forums and Skype chats, news hubs, social media channels, etc. having a dedicated server on Discord is as regular as having a Facebook account today. It helps that the program can make video calls, serve as a host for online streams, and enables data sharing among all users.


Discord still has a long way to go. Its interface needs improvement, its speed is still not up to par with power players like Skype, and many more things need work. But even now it's clearly a must-have tool if you want to live a life on the Internet.

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  • Free communication
  • Option to create a custom server
  • user profile customization
  • Regular updates
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Lots of confusing menus make it hard to adapt at first
  • Login process may take a while
  • It may be difficult to set up a video conference in certain regions
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