Discord for Mac

"Create text, voice, and video chats on custom cloud servers"
Dec 20, 2019 by Lynch

While classic online chatting assistants like TeamSpeak have been slacking in recent years, a new breed of communication apps arose to answer the challenges of the modern online environments. Discords is probably the most popular and prominent of them.

The Social Tool

It's easier to describe what you cannot do with Discord when it comes to online communications. Voice, video, audio calls, text messaging, creating a dedicated server to host community discussions or friendly meetings on weekends - the app has it all. A flexible set of settings will help with configuring and optimizing your computer to establish the best possible connection line. That is, if you can navigate through the confusing service menus, but that's a minor nitpick.

The Gamer's Helper

The origin and the first most important function of Discord is helping gamers chat it up while playing online. The thing is, sharing data and conferencing using video is a bit excessive at first glance, but the speed and cloud-based smoothness of the process make me forget about all the excess.


Discord is young, capable, and obviously ambitious. It will profit from updates and design revamping in the future, but right now it's a communication assistant with the most potential.

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#video and audio calls
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  • Quick server connection
  • Multimedia data sharing
  • Free access to voice and video calls
  • Server configuration options
  • Audio or video connection may fail depending on connection type and location
  • The interface has too many service menus
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