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"Send instant messages, share files, and hold video conferences"
Nov 7, 2019 by Lynch

If you want a quick, simple, and stable voice messenger and VoIP caller, then Skype is the number one choice. Regular updates and cloud-based data transfers ensure that your communications remain stable, quick, and timely.

Instant Messaging

Before you go and use the main functionality, it would be a good thing to check out how competent an instant messenger Skype has become over the years. Texts of any size with indications of receipt, attached files, links to videos from various platforms, archives, and a large selection of emojis make the client one of the most commonly used text messengers today. Competent editing helps this a lot along with the ability to access the logs to check previous correspondence.

Voice and Video Calls

But we're not here for text chats, are we? Skype allows to try and contact any person or company from your list of contacts by checking the status, initiate audio-only calls, multi-user conferences, set up video chats, etc. Configure your microphone, headset or webcam in the settings menu, check their functionality, edit your profile data, and otherwise customize the experience for maximum comfort.


Despite a few shortcomings, such as the tendency to compress video and audio for transferring signal via the VoIP channels, making even the most advanced input devices feel obsolete, Skype is the most commonly used and functional tools for connecting people around the globe. In the era when giants like ICQ or Twitter are feeling the pressure of lacking universality, Skyp is the same old jack of all trades.

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8.53.0 (Nov 7, 2019)
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$2.8/ (Per call)
Runs on macOS:
El Capitan (10.11),
High Sierra (10.13),
Mojave (10.14),
Catalina (10.15)


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  • Instant messaging and data sharing
  • Stable video and audio signal
  • Access to call and messaging history
  • Regular functionality updates
  • Free calls to other users
  • Call participation configuration
  • When a new update is released, the older version starts lagging
  • The audio and video input is always over-compressed resulting in a loss of quality
  • Notifications may fail to appear if the client is synchronized for multiple platforms
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