µTorrent for Mac

"Download torrent files and manage them directly"
Nov 1, 2019 by Lynch

We all know that torrenting is the way people get most of their data these days, so now, when new download managers are popping up every day, it's always a safe bet to return to the old reliable - µTorrent, the classic peer-to-peer network access tool.

Downloading Suite

The purpose of µTorrent is quite obvious - it captures the files associated with .torrent files and magnet links, saves offline copies on the drive of your Mac and, optionally, shares them by seeding the data to enable other users to download the torrents as well. Download queues are also a thing, which saves you the effort of manually starting and monitoring every process.

Torrent Manager

But µTorrent not only downloads and shares other people's torrents, it also lets users create their own. The flexible set of settings includes the parameters of traffic sharing, target and destination folders, file access, etc.

Interface Customization

What sets µTorrent apart from its competitors such as Deluge or Frostwire and the like is the way almost every aspect of its work can be changed to suite your needs. Remapping the interface, enabling and disabling certain online protocols, adding permissions, accessing RSS feeds - all of that is possible with just a few clicks.


Despite the amazing rise in popularity of torrenting as a whole, µTorrent still remains the functional, simple, and efficient champion among its peers.

Safe & Secure:
100% clean
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1.8.7 (Sep 4, 2019)
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Runs on macOS:
El Capitan (10.11),
High Sierra (10.13),
Mojave (10.14),
Catalina (10.15)
File name:
utorrent.dmg (4.1 MB)


#magnet link
#download torrent files
  • Download and sharing speed control
  • No download limiter
  • Integration with Internet browsers
  • Task scheduling
  • Connection control
  • Option to build your own torrent
  • Tracker updating
  • Automated file association
  • Contains mandatory plug-ins featuring random bugs
  • Current torrents may disappear after version updating
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