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"Anonymous Internet surfing and protection of user personal data"
Dec 2, 2019 by Daria

I often visit sites with a lot of dynamic content, such as social networks, so I'm in search for not a plugin or extension but a program that shows a reasonable balance between security and usability. Tor Browser - why not? As the developers explain, with it, you can maintain your anonymity on the network, as well as prevent tracking by IP address, and gain access to sites inaccessible in the usual way.


Using Tor Browser you can be sure that your personal information (IP address, transmitted data, etc.) will be kept secret from everyone. In the special settings menu, you can configure the proxy settings, and a number of other security-related ones (prohibit the installation of plug-ins, block third-party cookies, etc.).

Firefox plugins

The browser supports all plugins available for Firefox. By default, HTTPS everywhere, NoScript, and Torbutton are preinstalled in it. The latter allows you to change the security settings simply by moving the slider.

Bypassing bans and locks

The browser is able to bypass any obstacles when accessing resources, with it you can view sites that are prohibited in the country, for some reason blocked by the provider and those on which the user himself got into the ban by IP.

Tracking protection

Triple encryption of packets and their sequential transmission through three randomly selected servers makes snooping almost impossible.

Personal data security

Any personal information is protected from leakage - IP, user's real location, login passwords, visit history, download list, etc.

Is you really anonymous?

Having written many articles on Internet anonymous surfing, I realize tha you will never be safe enough. Even with Tor. The Internet is an address system, and network members can still get information about anyone. Because it's impossible to get a message from whomever and send to whomever.

Will I use Tor Browser? May be. But it should be used wisely.

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9.0 (Sep 3, 2019)
Runs on macOS:
El Capitan (10.11),
High Sierra (10.13),
Mojave (10.14),
Catalina (10.15)


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#encrypt traffic
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  • User anonymity
  • Automatically clears browser history and cache
  • Account security
  • Multiplatform
  • You're asked for donation
  • Slower than other browsers
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