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"Make voice and audio calls, share files, send instant messages"
Nov 25, 2019 by Lynch

Despite the current abundance of communication products intended for Android users, Skype is still one of the heavy hitters. Part of this is due to tradition, but the quality of the product cannot be denied.

Voice Calls and Video Conferences

We all know that calling your friends of business partners is the first and the most important function Skype performs. It does it well enough, featuring voice-only calls, video conference options, multi-contact meetings, etc. It's always possible to use a recording tool to capture the video, switch cameras, share the screen between several users, and much more. of course, it lacks the more handy things like the option to send voice messages similar to that of WhatsApp or Viber, but its media streaming support is much mor advanced.

Texting and Support

Another thing that actually speaks in Skype's favour is how well-organized its options are. You can always check and improve your connection, verify the use of external cameras and microphones, all without restarting. It's especially nice to know the developers actually care about the second most important part of communication, the text messages. They are now editable, stored in the program's memory and the cloud, and unline before, can be delivered to an offline contact.


Of course, there are many flaws in Skype. The need to install the latest updates to avoid errors is probably the most common complaint. But it's still the number one solution for inter-personal and business communication.

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4.0.0 (Nov 7, 2019)
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Runs on Android:
Kitkat (4.4),
Lollipop (5.1),
Marshmallow (6.0),
Nougat (7.1),
Oreo (8.1),
Pie (9.0)


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  • Quick access to hardware settings
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • Option to call a telephone number
  • Text editing tools
  • Cloud-based data sharing
  • Support for file attachments in messages
  • Updates interfere with the active program
  • Lack of free device memory may slow down data loading
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