Five new games added to Apple Arcade


‘‘The catalog of Apple Arcade has just been enriched with five new titles’’

Jane Oct 29, 2019

Five new games added to Apple Arcade

The video game subscription service Apple Arcade just got five new games. Check out Fallen Knight, Yaga, Lifelike, Hogwash, and Tales of Memo that are now part of the Apple Arcade's extending library. The service offers over 100 titles for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV for the $4.99 monthly subscription.


One of the most exciting games in this set is Yaga, an action RPG that adapts to the choices you make. The game puts the player in the role of a one-handed blacksmith called Ivan who is sent to accomplish nearly impossible tasks by his Tzar in the world based on Slavic folklore.


Another remarkable game on the list is Hogwash. Side with the farmhand and keep the farm clean or choose to help the mischievous pigs and bring mud to as many places as you can. The game includes single-player and online multiplayer modes.

Fallen Knight

The events of this side-scrolling action platformer unfold in the distant future. In Fallen Knight, you assume the role of the Knight Lancelot 50th and engage in multiple swords and challenging boss fights to save the city from the terrorists whose aim is to reveal the secrets hidden in the dungeons of the city.


For those who are into something more relaxing, there's Lifelike that offers gameplay that centers on peculiar flocking creatures and their swarm behavior. The game is described as a "mesmerizing particle symphony".

Tales of Memo

In Tales of Memo, you need to memorize the same cards on the field, open them and if they match, defeat your enemies. Help Memo and his friends to solve puzzles, fight against monsters, and save their home.