Huawei AppGallery looks like Google Play


‘‘Huawei actively develops its own app store Huawei AppGallery, which has become an alternative to Google Play’’

Daria Nov 7, 2019

Huawei AppGallery looks like Google Play

The ban on the use of Google services in the new Huawei smartphones forced the Chinese manufacturer to look for an alternative to them. However, a short search led to the fact that Huawei decided not to rely on third-party companies, but to independently prepare everything that is needed. The AppGallery application catalog replaces Google Play on Huawei devices and feels pretty good. There are fewer apps than on GP but primarily due to the lack of explicit “garbage” - moderation here is even better than that of Google itself, and applications are tested for correct operation on Huawei smartphones.

The company added Deep Links technology support to the catalog, which allows you to run any application on your smartphone without installation. Of course, this requires the developer to optimize his software accordingly. But, according to Huawei, it takes no more than three days, because the application, when launched in the Deep Links mode, uses no more than 20% of the program code underlying it. In this mode, applications can not only work but also update in the background, without requiring user participation and without loading their device.

Apparently, Huawei wants to make AppGallery applicable not only in China but also in other countries where the company used Google Play before. After all, if she was again taken away access to the services of the search giant, she would again have to suffer tremendous reputation and financial losses.


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