What you need to watch favorite movies from anywhere


‘‘No matter where you are, use our list of VPN sevices that help surf the Internet and watch all premieres online getting around all restrictions and borders’’

Daria on Nov 7, 2019

What you need to watch favorite movies from anywhere

On October 20, the first series of Watchmen appeared on HBO and in Amediateka - a free interpretation of the comic book Alan Moore. Policemen wear masks and hide their identities, slugs fall from the sky, mobile phones do not exist, and actor Robert Redford has been president for more than 30 years. This is one of the most anticipated premieres of this television season.

Imagine that you have been waiting for this premiere for a long time, but found yourself in another country. How to see a new series without thinking about blocking sites?

It's real. Catch our list of VPN services that will help you with this.

1. ExpressVPN

A service that has been repeatedly recognized as the best VPN of the year, ranking first in VPN ratings. It offers the highest connection and file transfer speeds, guarantees security, as well as maintaining user privacy. It works even in countries with strict control policies, for example, in China. All applications are configured and connected automatically. When it comes to platform compatibility, Express VPN is one step ahead of the competition. The service offers convenient applications for widely used platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android), as well as for Linux systems, BlackBerry, open-source routers, Chromebooks and Kindle Fire devices and Barnes & Noble Nook.

2. NordVPN

Safe viewing of streaming broadcasts (streams) and distribution of torrents are tasks that are solved in Nord VPN in one click. Thanks to the DNS settings of the SmartPlay special operating mode, the NordVPN application automatically provides reliable access and excellent speed when you open Netflix and other streaming services. CyberSec mode is a unique feature of NordVPN that provides protection against malware and allows you to block ads. Advanced obfuscation settings will allow you to establish a VPN connection even from the territory of a country that actively restricts free Internet access. The great advantage of the app that it is available for all platforms, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, iOS, etc.

3. CyberGhost

This Romanian service will give you everything you need: advanced encryption, complete lack of logs and access to an impressive server network (6,000 servers in 90+ countries). With applications that are protected from data leaks and the additional function of an emergency shutdown kill-switch, this VPN can safely be called stable and secure.

Having installed your VPN? Now, watch your movies here:

HBO (USA). Over the years, this service has earned an iron reputation and has become one of the best on television. On HBO, there are a lot of diverse content so loved by viewers around the world: TV shows, comedy shows, television films, sports, documentaries, and programs for children. HBO offers services in the form of three packages: a regular subscription to a cable channel, a separate subscription to a streaming service HBO Now and a separate subscription to the same HBO Go service, which comes as a free bonus to a subscription to a cable channel.

Sky Atlantic (UK). The channel broadcasts in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Italy. You can watch all the premieres at exactly the same time as they came to the UK.

Crave (Canada). Unlike HBO, this channel doesn't have free trials, so you should pay for subscription, monthly or annual one.

Foxtel (Australia). The series here appears the day after the premiere. You will have a 10-day trial for free if you haven't already signed up.