New in Google Chrome 78 Update


‘‘This week, Google introduced the Chrome 78 browser on computers for all supported operating systems’’

Daria on Oct 29, 2019

New in Google Chrome 78 Update

Google has released a new version of the Chrome browser for all operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Chrome 78 received new settings options, the ability to force the inclusion of a dark theme, support for password verification and a number of other functions.

In the new version of the web browser, more settings options are added to the New Tab page. Now you can set not just the background of the page, but also select an image from the list of existing ones or insert your own image. In addition, it is possible to change the appearance of the labels.

The forced night mode function allows you to activate a dark theme on all web pages. Launched in February of this year, the Google Password Checkup extension will be integrated into Chrome 78. The tool allows you to check on the basis of added accounts whether the data entered by the user is safe. If the extension detects that the user is entering insecure data, it will inform the user about the need to change the password.

Another innovation will be the Click-to-Call function, using which the user can select a phone number on a web page and send it to his Android smartphone. Currently, this feature is in the testing phase and is not available to a wide mass of users.